The tourist portal www.sithonianet.gr aims at developing the strength that Internet provides as a mean of communication to project the area of sithonia and broadly Halkidiki.

The much promised market of sithonia could attribute, developing the foundations of the new technology in information and communication.

A modern presence in the circuit is absolutely necessary for every business that lives in the rhythm of the market and searches for new means of communication.

The modern customer demands access to information and communication with an establishment when and where he desires. The Internet is the means, which covers this need. All of this, which once looked very far in the future, is with us today, in our office and our homes, in our lives. The future is here and the business of today has to decide whether to be included in this necessity, communicating within the local, and international market.

As a tourist web portal, the business Sithonia Net can drive towards competition and broaden the development of the area.

The aim of the business, apart from showing the local community, is the boundary in the Internet market. The worldwide communication community and the growth of technology, make necessary this application in every level of our lives, to upgrade the competition in the new market.