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The village is named Metagitsi. For the name there are two possibilities. One of the possibilities according to tradition says that the village was built in an area 1.500m approximately away from the village today, which was called Paleohora. In the area was found an old reservoir with water supply, ceramic pipes and other findings. Paleohora was built in a steep area from fear towards the pirates. Later the fear dissolved and they moved to the village of today.
The second possibility is as such: Mr. Stephanos Kotsavos published a description of the village, which he found in the library in Paris, written by a Parisian ancestor. This ancestor passed through the village not remembering the year. He writes that he remembers, while touring northern Halkidiki and Agio Oros on his return he passed through Metagitsi. The village at that time was a big estate occupied by the Turks.
Master of the area was Bays. The Greeks were his slaves and worked in his interest.
The agent narrates, as soon as the people became aware of his arrival, they ran to hide as they were afraid of pirates. After a lot of hard work he calmed them. He talked to the supervisor of the big estate, who was a Turk Albanian and was injured in a battle with African pirates, leaving a lot of villagers dead and the village ransacked. The agent learnt from the supervisor that the village was also named Melan Gis. From the passing of time for easier pronunciation they named it Metagitsi.

Also Metagitsi has a sea side which is only four kilometers away. There you can enjoy swimming in the blue waters of the Toroneo gulf.

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FESTIVALS: The carnival of Profit Ilia (20/7)
The carnival of Agiou Theodorou.